Empowering Youth in the Community
Programs are open to youth in the Greater trenton area from ages 7 to 21 based upon program requirements. Clients can be referred from other agencies or through self referral.
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Positive Impact
Gang Prevention and Intervention
Rites of Passage
Consultation and Education Programs
After School Academy
Independent/Career Counseling
Linkage and Coordination
Court Ordered Community Service Coordination
Creative and Performing Arts
To ensure that there is a safe environment for youth in the Greater Trenton Area where they can receive:
Age appropiate, culturally sensitive programs and services
Positive alternatives to gang affiliation:
Life-skills training
Athletic and recreational skill development:
Career/vacational training and referrals:
Family stabilization, preservation and reunification services; and
Encouragement and Inspiration to achieve their optimum potential while embracing and developing their natural talents, gifts, and abilities.